Lowest compression video codec on 2.6.x

Started by macduke, January 31, 2013, 01:05:35 PM

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Hi all.

I would know what's the video codec included in 2.6.x releases with less compression factor (i.e: less loss of video info).

I need that as unfortunately I would use some video coder and filters that have been not ported on 2.6.x. On the other hand, as 2.6.x is time based and not frame based, it's more precise the cutting (if yoy recode the video and the audio, of course).

So my procedure is today:
a) open the source (specially if h264) with 2.6.x
b) cut the source as I need regardless of I-frames
c) compress the cutted source with the less lossing video coder (not x264, as 2.5.6-1 sometime complains about loading correctly with sync, saying that the video use B-frames, etc....). Today I set xvid @ const bitrate=7000....!
d) reload the new source with 2.5.6-1 and recompress applying filters as well using my favorite coder/filters.