How to correctly create/convert a jpg that suitable Avidemux logo requirement?

Started by nnq2603, February 10, 2013, 08:36:07 am

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May I ask about executable (windows x86) binary that can output a jpg in yv12 or yuv colorspace. (??)

I mean converter type of application not just number calculating.

I search around google for 30 minutes and find out nothing. Basically I've to import a JPG logo to AviDemux (via a premade filter) but it required JPG format with YV12 or YUV colorspace. And in homepage/wiki/FAQ they recommended XnView, my PC already have got one version of XnView but doesn't seem to convert well (all jpg and yuv setting attempts). End-up the same warning that not support colorspace.

Another search in this forum, is suggested commandline(?) option with AVIsynth, but I'm not sure... can anyone explain that matter to me in layman term, thanks.
How to use this code below?
vid = DirectShowSource("%inputfile%")
img = ImageSource("C:\watermark.png").ConvertToRGB32
Overlay(vid, img, y=100, x=100)