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How to change FPS (sorry for noob question)

Started by rykr, February 23, 2013, 07:39:44 pm

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I have some videos that play with the video and audio just a bit out of sync when streamed from Plex to my xbox 360.  I have other files that play well.  The diff is not in bitrate or dimension as I have 1080 stuff with higher bitrates that play fine and 720 stuff with lower bitrate that is out of sync.  All these files play fine under VLC.  The only weird thing I can see about the files that are out of sync is they have odd FPS values and often wide ranges of VFR values.  For example one file has a min FPS value of like 1.8 and a maximum value of 616.  MediaINfo shows the FPS as like 40

What I would like to do is resample these files and bring the FPS down to 29.97 or 23.97 (something reasonable).  I've tried with Avidemux in copy mode with both the resample FPS and change FPS filters.  No effect.  Is there a tutorial on how to change FPS of a video for Avidemux?  Am I approaching this the right way?