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No Sound! Funny results

Started by DÅ‚ugosz, April 01, 2013, 01:15:17 am

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I installed avidemux_2.6_r8494_win64.exe and could not use it because the sound was messed up.

I restored 2.6.1 (by renaming the directory and restoring the contents of the Avidemux 2.6 directory under Program Files) and then there was no sound at all!  I tried re-running the installer, no change (though it said I was downgrading even though the same version was in the target directory; it must note the last-installed version in the registry?)

I installed avidemux_2.6.3_32bits.exe, and it did not have any sound either. 

I did notice that 2.6.1 did not crash when I closed it (is the crash related to sound?  might be a clue).

I could not use Avidemux until I restored the entire C: partition from a backup.  What's it do other than write to its own directory?!



I have the same issue with r8494, installed fresh onto a Win7 64bit PC. On another PC version 2.6 beta worked, except when I cut-joined MTS videos the new video showed "too short" and wouldn't play. I'm looking to cut-join MTS home videos taken on a Sony HDR CX100E vidcam. The originals play OK in Media Player Classic Home Cinema v1.6.4, properties 1920x1080, 25.000 fps framerate, 17133 kbps bitrate. Is there a version of Avidemux that allows this?

Jan Gruuthuse

MTS/M2TS should normally work, try with r8524 from here
If it still would pose any problem: upload a 5 second duration video to (public viewable/downloadable folder) or similar web service and provide a download link for it.


Try to remove a settings folder:


Thanks Jan. Sorry for the newbie question but to try a 'nightly' do I do a full Windows install, then overwrite the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Avidemux' files with what's in the 'nightly' 7z?

Jan Gruuthuse

Yes unpack with: 7zip the package and replace the installed avidemux with that content. If 32-bit windows use 32 bit package, if 64-bit use 64-bit package.


Jan, THANKS, I'm close now..  I'd previously clean-installed Avidemux_2.6.1_win64, then overwrote the installed files in C:\Program Files\Avidemux with the ones in Avidemux_r8528_win64.7z, then deleted C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\Avidemux.  Avidemux..Help..About then showed version 2.6.3 r8528.  I then dragged in an MTS home-video, marked/deleted a mid-section, saved with Copy..Copy..Mpeg TS Muxer (ff), and the lossless-cut-down MTS plays perfectly in Avidemux!  Easy, quick and a great result!!  My only remaining issue is playback in a non-Avidemux player:  Windows Media Player has some flash frames at the cut-join points and Media Player Classic Home Cinema has big drop-out blocks throughout.  Is there a way for these other players to use the codec that Avidemux uses, since it plays the video perfectly?  Thanks again and regards, Olly.

Jan Gruuthuse

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Think vlc could be a solution.
Make sure you mark cutting points / at begin/middle of video only with up/down keyboard arrow and not with left/right keyboard arrow.
Or with and and not with or


Thanks again Jan. I did use the double-arrow icons to cut at 'full frames'.

Regarding playback, all the ones I tried work well with the original MTS videos from my Sony vidcam - Windows Media Player (win7-64bit) and the latest Media Player Classic Home Cinema and VLC, but none played the trimmed MTS videos: WMP was jerky, MPC-HC was blocky and VLC was the best but still not as smooth as when playing the original MTS, and with some horizontal jaggy lines on fast-moving edges (maybe interlacing-related).

I believe the WD Home TV media player box will play these well (will get one soon), and I saw a comment that MPC-HC will if set to: External Filter: prefer "ffdshow video decoder", and for ffdshow: Codecs: H.264/AVC: ffmpeg-mt; Deinterlacing: YADIF: tick/activate "Process Whole Image", "Deinterlacing", "Double Framerate", "Skip Spatial Interlace Check". I don't understand that but will try later.

Meanwhile if it helps anyone, I found that the "Splash Lite" free player works really well - good colour/sound and plays the trimmed videos even smoother than the other players play the original MTS videos. Just need to decline giving your email and accepting their offered toolbar/advert extras. There's also a Pro version that sounds like it adds on-the-fly playback enhancement (but not for me at this stage; I'll see how the WD Home TV box works out).

Regards, Olly.

PS: Avidemux is great for trimming MTS videos and seems lossless, in that it's quick, so no transcoding I guess - but since 3 of the above players play the original and trimmed videos differently, it must be changing something.  Maybe worth the developers having a look if possible?  Would be even better if the before/after files played the same. Meanwhile thanks for a great product!

Jan Gruuthuse

Try for Output Format, still using copy for both video/audio, Mkv Muxer or MP4v2 muxer. Sometimes you get better results.