Author Topic: A "full screen"-mode would help a lot editing 1080p video on a 1080p display  (Read 4229 times)


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I've been using avidemux for several years now, editing the videos I recorded with different cameras over the years. And generally, avidemux_qt (from current git) works really nice for me - thanks a lot!  :)

The only thing I am really missing is a "full screen"-mode for editing - nowadays, both 1920x1080 recordings and 1920x1080 displays are abundant, but when I would need to see if some shot is well-focused, I can hardly do that using avidemux on a display that has just the same resolution as the video. On a scaled down image, you simply cannot see whether the image is really sharp, and when I use the "View / Zoom 1:1" setting, the video will still be scaled down during playback.

So what I would like to suggest is creating a "full screen playback mode" that, during playback, would display only the video, in the resolution of the display, but not any GUI items or window decorations. Key strokes (like cursor keys or "[") should do whatever they normally do, and when the playback is stopped, the video should snap back into its less-than-full-screen usual area.

(The full screen display would probably be just an additional, decoration-less window that would obscure the normal window during playback.)