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x264 Problems

Started by Requiem, June 02, 2013, 09:59:26 pm

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. Been using avidemux for a few months now. I could really use some help. :)

I ripped a DVD to my computer, imported the .vob to avidemux, and exported a small clip from the movie. Since I'm aiming for lossless video, I used x264 (constant quant 0) with the output format set to AVI.

Now here's the problem...

I want to import this clip to Adobe Premiere or Adobe Elements, but it only imports the audio. What's the problem?

Maybe I should go to the Adobe forums, however I thought it may be a problem exporting the clip from avidemux.

Jan Gruuthuse

most likely issue with avi, try other container mp4, ... what is used/accepted by adobe?


The mp4 container doesn't work either. Premiere accepts 264, so there should be no problem.

Are there more plugins available for avidemux that I should download?

Jan Gruuthuse

mp4v2, audio parameters? .... compare with mediainfo an accepted mp4 against what you produce with avidemux.


If I remember the x.264 documentation correctly, the threshold for placebo is somewhere around 15. AVI Demux has an excellent x.264 wiki.


Lossless Mode: x264 also supports ââ,¬Å"trueââ,¬Â lossless compression. Using this mode there will be absolutely no degradation to your video data. But lossless compression will take significant more bitrate than any lossy compression. So converting from a lossy format (e.g. MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 ASP) to lossless compression will produce a file much bigger than the source! Anyway, x264 in ââ,¬Å"losslessââ,¬Â mode will usually still need less bitrate than other lossless encoders, such as HuffYUV or FFV1. And it's much smaller than uncompressed video (e.g. raw YUV/RGB data), of course. In order to enforce lossless compression, you must choose the Constant Quantizer mode and you must set the quantizer to a value of 0. Note that playback of lossless H.264 requires a decoder capable of the ââ,¬Å"Predictive Losslessââ,¬Â profile. Decoders that support this include libavcodec/ffmpeg (ffdshow, MPlayer, etc.) and CoreAVC Decoder. Other decoders may display garbled output (or no output at all).

The Adobe software may not support the "Predictive Lossless profile." You might try an encode with Quant = 15 in an MP4 or MKV container to see if you can import the file into the Adobe packages.