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new compiler for win64

Started by mean, July 31, 2013, 07:18:04 PM

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I've set up a brand new compiler environment for win64
All is not ready but is should work as good as win32 now

Pleas report problems (except filter/codec/ wyz not available)


Hi Mean.

I have tried, and failed previously to build avidemux on Windows. Building and developing on Linux has been solid; however, I have been interested in trying to develop and debug issues on Windows. Any details you could share on your windows compilation environment?


Hi mean,

I apologise in advance for my ignorance.
Are we talking about a buildroot environment run on a windows 64 bit OS or
a builroot environment on linux to compile a windows 64 bit version of avidemux?


It is a buildroot on linux to generate win64 binaries

as far as the base system is concerned :

On win32 i'm using mxe-octave
On win64, it's mxe + manually patched to generate dynamic libraries



Buildroots are complicated environments, but I played with one that cross compiled OpenWRT for my NAS box.
After reading the post from KoolAidMan I got confused and wondered why anyone would do this under windows.

Maybe I should give it a go?



It's just painful, mix of cli commands and UI stuff
Once setup it is fine, but i much prefer cross compiling to have something that can be generated from a single command


August 01, 2013, 01:14:44 PM #6 Last Edit: August 02, 2013, 03:55:04 AM by AQUAR
Problem: Immediate crash when using MPEG4 AVC (due to exception access violation - origin msvcrt.dll?).


Oh, interesting. I was always under the impression avidemux was compiled on windows using MINGW, MSYS, and Microsoft Visual C++ 6. Thanks for the clarification.


Update re crash with MPEG4 AVC :
The older version of libx264-123.dll (from r8812 - previous complier environment) still works fine.
Exception seems indirectly caused by the new compiling result of this library.   


workaround: The nightly contains the x264.dll from the old toolchain.

The older version were built on windows by gruntster , and some work has been done to be compatible with visual C++
but as far as i know,  it has always been compiled with gcc


Are you saying these libraries were build independently with gcc and then just added to the nightly rebuild?
The one with r8812 is smaller than the one with r8840, so is that an earlier work from Grunter?

Anyway libx264-123.dll from r8812 works and was the one you supplied as a replacent for libx264-106.dll (avidemux freeze on low priority).

Its all good, using it right now to recode.


For windows, it is crucial that everything has been compiled with the same compiler (including qt, ...)
The one used now is gcc 4.8.1
Previously it was 4.6.3 patched

So now the binary is all with 4.8.1 except libx264 which is compiled with 4.6.3


Thanks, it now makes sense to me.

Hopefully you will get some feedback from users with better comprehension of the nitty gritty.



I gave the installer version a trial run and it installed fine, it also added the uninstall entry under "programs and features".

Some minor observations FWIW:
A link is generated to AVS Proxy GUI 2.6 (in the windows programs start menu) but this program it is not in the installer package.
AVSproxy is also not included in the installer package. 
The build information text file relates V2.6.1 (32bit).

Since the 2.6 version still maintains the "avisynth connectivity" its probably good (IMHO) to include avs proxy and gui.

And I do still miss the fully featured xvid encoder with its many setting up options.