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question about searching through h264/aac

Started by recyclez, August 06, 2013, 11:29:16 am

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I think its not a avidemux question,but dont know were to find this kind of info.
I have several devices that plays h264/aac, so i make my files on my media server as default h264/aac.
My phones,laptops, pc's are all playing the files created with avidemux very well.
Only 1 device bugging me (its the most wasted money on a device i ever made :)
Google TV - NSZ-GS7. It plays  the file from start, but tells me the file is -549min (actual = 43min)
With this i cant search to the index of the file.
For me it indicates that this device is faulty in reading the headers of the files.
Since sony lags on helping out ( they rather sell then help :( ).
Does any1 know if i could change the searching index in a diff approach, that would not influence the better device for searching, but a chance to give that sony device another way of seaching and maybe get good header info.

I hope you understand a bit of my explaining as noobie :)


Try to change your container, it could work.