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Avidemux 2.6.4 - how to move "auto" scripts from 2.5 over to 2.6?

Started by thany, August 12, 2013, 07:13:59 pm

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Yeah so how do I do that? I've got some scripts in the "Auto" menu in Avidemux 2.5, and Avidemux 2.6 uses a different kind of file.
Tried a few things:
1) Copied over the 2.5/scripts folder to 2.6/scripts -> doesn't do anything
2) Copied over the auto scripts from 2.5/scripts/auto to 2.6/plugins/autoScripts -> doesn't do anything
3) Renamed the script from .js to .py -> Big fat error when selecting one (so they do appear in the menu)

So I suppose some kind of conversion is needed. How do I do that? Or is there an option tucked away somewhere to import scripts from 2.5?


Anyone knows what to do? I was using those scripts... How can I continue to use them in 2.6.4?


I'll take the absense of replies as a big fat NO.
Pretty bad move, devs. I'm sure there's a valid explanation for moving to another file type, but guys, come on, it doesn't hurt to keep the current one in. Even the wiki docs talk about .js files.


Since script presets have different formats in 2.5 and 2.6 you can't just copy or rename.
But you may try any script editor to change scripting language.


It would have been nicer if the new version included the old/current script engine. It includes two already - shouldn't be that hard to include a third, one that already existed anyway. Is it at all possible (for a dev) to include the javascript engine? Or was it removed for a specific reason?