[SOLVED] Error compiling Avidemux 2.6.5 in Ubuntu

Started by falco2000, August 30, 2013, 11:54:51 AM

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Ubuntu 13.04? You can just do sudo apt-get install avidemux


Quote from: falco2000 on September 22, 2013, 11:31:03 AM
P.S.: during the packages installation, Ubuntu showed a "bad quality package" error, for example:
The error message is the Ubuntu package manager warning you that the .deb package may be fraudulent because it isn't signed by an 'official' maintainer, which packages normally should be. This is because you built it yourself, so of course it isn't a problem here. If you see this error on a package you downloaded from somewhere, you should NOT install it, as it may contain malware.
It is normal for the Avidemux build process to go quiet for some time - even a few minutes - several times. This confused me too, the first time I built it myself, & I was also tempted to CTRL+C it too. Don't do that! - Be patient. :^)  You can reassure yourself by opening another terminal window & running top. You will see the compiler (cc) & related tools running happily there until the build completes.