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Avisynth - running Avisynth scripts

Started by ABBrittain, September 17, 2013, 10:53:42 AM

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I'm wanting to fix the jitter in an mp4 video - does any know how I can run a Avisynth to do this?


Use avsproxy to run your avs script.
Tell avidemux to connect to avsproxy.


have tried to run example scripts but get an error with directshow. can you give an example thats works?


I think you will need to go to the avisynth forum for help on this.

Avisynth is just the library that allows the scripting and provides the frame serving.
Usually these issues are because of missing (or mismatched) plugins.
For calls made with directshowsource it should work, unless the filter merits are messed up.
If you use directshowsource2, you need the haali splitter for it to work.

Maybe also have a look at ffdshow tryouts for easy access to lots of codecs for use with directshow.