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Different results from GUI and command line
« on: December 06, 2013, 02:11:31 PM »
I'm trying to use Avidemux from the command line (in a script) for easy, unattended conversion of AVI files to MP4. My script used to work fine with 2.6.5, but since 2.6.6, the command line outputs corrupt MP4 files, while the GUI (with the same options, I think) works fine.

Here's the command line I'm using:

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/Applications/ --nogui --load filename.avi --output-format MP4 --save filename.mp4 --quit

The MP4 file I get from this isn't readable by any media player I've tried (including VLC, which can usually handle just about anything!). In fact, the only program I've found that can even identify it as an MP4 is MediaInfo Mac ( - it identifies it as an MP4 container and that's it. With a good MP4 file, it displays complete information about the file's contents, including the video & audio streams, the codec types, etc. (see attached screenshots - these were conversions of the same AVI file with Avidemux -- "BadMP4.png" using the command line and "GoodMP4.png" using the GUI).

Any ideas?