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[2.6.7] x264 presets and tunings

Started by proog, January 12, 2014, 11:20:56 am

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This patch adds support for x264 presets in the Qt configuration dialog (see attached screenshot). The checkbox "Use advanced configuration" toggles between presets/tuning/profile and the detailed configuration.


Thanks a lot, but it does not apply
Did you base it against an old version ? Like r847x ?


The patch is based on git rev 4ceff15150caf516541f84ebe8b9b382627d3f95 (master) and I have created it with git diff. I can apply it to the current svn revision (9000) using patch -p1 < avidemux_x264_presets.diff.

However, I created it again with svn diff, maybe that works for you. Thanks!



Committed with 2 little changes : Bump setting version to 3 + changed level from uint32 to int32
Not tested much, i spotted something weird, but it is in the generic code not linked to your changes

Thanks a lot, there are a lot of people loving to play with x264 settings :)