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avc options?

Started by cbrace, January 26, 2014, 07:00:15 AM

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I installed avidemux v2.5.4 on my laptop running Linux Mint v16 from the repos, also the plugins package.

One question: If I select MPEG-4 AVC I  don't see any options under CONFIGURE. Nothing happens when I click that button. I do see the various options under FILTERS. I also see configuration options under several other encoders. How do you set the AVC options?



Is avidemux 2.6 not available from the repos?
2.6 is the version to use for AVC. 


Thanks. It would appear v2.6 hasn't made it to the standard Ubuntu repos, but following the instructions here I found a source for a v2.6 deb package. Alas avidemux throws up a rather ugly error message when I try to run it:

Anyone have any ideas what is going wrong here?


Dont use the gtk version use the Qt4 one


OK, removed the GTK version and installed the QT4.

I'm trying to open a .TS file. Nothing seemed to happen the first couple of times, so I opened it in terminal. I see now this repeating endlessly:
[MpegTs] getNextPSI Missing 0 marker
[getNextPSI]  Section Syntax is set to private
  [getNextPSI]  [MpegTs] Multi Packet PSI ? sectionLength=247, len=183
  [getNextPSI]  Section Syntax is set to private

Any idea what is going wrong here?

FWIW, v.2.5.4 opened this file without any problem and offered to index it. With v2.6 I'm not seeing that indexing dialog box.