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Started by UKenGB, January 26, 2014, 05:15:06 PM

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There really should be a section to discuss the actual forum, but there isn't and this is the best place I could find.

Having registered and made a couple of posts, I tried to find a setting that would mean every post I make defaults to 'Instant notification by email of new posts'. But I can find no such thing. So far I've had to set that option specifically in each post, so how can I set the default?

In my experience of using LOTS of forums, it is usually easy to edit ones profile and default settings for use of the forum. Checking the docs for this SMF forum, it is supposed to provide a lot of control over settings - including the email notification setting I can't find. So the forum is supposed to provide it, but it simply doesn't exist in my 'account'.

So where is it?