Author Topic: No Audio after importing video with PCM Audio (v2.6.7)  (Read 3118 times)


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No Audio after importing video with PCM Audio (v2.6.7)
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:38:08 AM »
Just a note that importing an MPEG-1 video with PCM ("Uncompressed") audio into Avidemux version 2.6.7 results in no playable audio in the interface (video is imported and presented just fine). I even tried the 32-bit version (Windows 7 64-bit). I rolled back to 2.5.4, which was an old favourite :P and it imported the audio and video both perfectly, playing back the audio in the interface without problem.

The reason I am even using MPEG-1 with PCM audio is, that is the default output format for Bandicam, which I mainly use for game recording at the moment (I also use Dxtory and FRAPS, which I purchased long ago). Testing other codecs, the video is imported fine but the audio is not importing. It is not a problem specific to the Bandicam application however, as downloaded/saved videos from YouTube, for example, that are compressed by Google as AAC audio, are also not importing correctly with 2.6.7 (2.5.4 works fine). I also tested some .VOB files, with AC3 audio of my own, and they did not import the audio with playback in the interface, as well (with 2.6.7).

I tried to change the AudioDevice setting under Preferences to "Win32", which seems to work for most people, but that did not work with the PCM Audio (it did make it work for importing MPEG-2 audio and AAC audio). If there is something I am missing, I am open to any ideas!

I read that Avidemux does not import AAC very well, I see... I'll leave this here though if that's alright, since the main issue for this post is PCM audio
Edit 2:
I see that the Avidemux 2.6 branch is "experimental" at this time, and the 2.5 branch is more 'complete/stable'....
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Re: No Audio after importing video with PCM Audio (v2.6.7)
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2014, 01:17:37 AM »
Avidemux is always getting PCM audio when I use avisynth.
But I downmix to 2 channels to be compatible.

Not tried that on the recent nightlies (2.6) so that issue may be gone.
But with PCM does work.


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Re: No Audio after importing video with PCM Audio (v2.6.7)
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2014, 06:43:19 AM »
Just checked PCM on avidemux 2.6 (r9034) and it is silent on more than 2 channels.
Did use avs proxy, so as to facilitate a filter chain with audio mixer, to test PCM audio with various channels.
Qualification is that I am not sure if this hold's true when loading a media file the normal way.

Anyone know if PCM 3+ channels is supported?