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Download in 7z format

Started by ABBrittain, April 23, 2014, 12:22:27 PM

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Due to admin blocked downloads - only 7z files are now getting thru - does anyone provide these type of downloads for this application?


Look in the nightly repositories: All 7z!

Jan Gruuthuse

7zip archiver with a high compression ratio, info and download:


I have looked at these nightly downloads, but I'm unclear which are the stable version. Can anyone provide this information and are these still in the nightly area?


Avidemux comes in 2 flavours.
Stable and final = branch 2.5 version 2.5.6.
Considered stable and beta = branch 2.6 version 'latest nightly'
At mile stone stages in the development of 2.6,  Mean creates installer versions.

You can use an installer version and then overwrite the contents in its install folder with the contents in the 7z file.
Or you can just unzip the 7z nightly into a folder and execute avidemux from there.