Author Topic: Bugs: AD2 does not keep filters resp audio configure disabled after video close  (Read 1785 times)


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As I found out there are a couple of bugs in Avidemux 2.6.8 under 64bit Win 7:
To review follow the next steps:

1.) Load a *.MOV video to Avidemux (by drag&drop from WinExplorer)
2.) Select Video Output=Mpeg4 AVC (x264)
Configure Average Bitrate=Two Pass 1900
Filters=rotate=270 deg
3.) Select Audio Output=MP3 (lame)
Configure 128kbit
Set filter check Remix=stereo + check resampling=44100
4) Output Format=AVI Muxer
5.)Start reencoding by menu File->Save
6.) Close current video file by menu File->close
7.) Drag another *.MOV video from WinExplorer onto Avidemux
8.) Problem1: Video Filter "rotate" is removed (=it should be kept (like the Configure settings) until exit of whole Avidemux)
9.) Problem2: Audio Output "Configure" button cannot be clicked (=it is somehow disabled)

I guess the two problems occur not because of my specific settings but are a general problem by Avidemux after closing a previous video file.

Please fix the bugs.

Thank you