Author Topic: [SOLVED] Green line along the bottom that won't crop away  (Read 5193 times)


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[SOLVED] Green line along the bottom that won't crop away
« on: April 05, 2015, 02:31:04 AM »
I got some mp4 files in an oddball size, 960x409.  (Approx. cinema AR, but why the odd number I don't know.)   These files play fine in MPC and WMP, but when I load them into AVIdemux, there's a green line along the bottom, which I figure is must be caused by the odd number of lines.  (Another thread mentioned a green line along the bottom being because the height was not divisible by 16). 

I want to change the AR to 16:9 and enlarge to 1280x720 make a BD5 to play at home, and also shrink to 720x480 to make a DVD for my parents who don't have BD player.  I tried both adding black bars and cropping separately.  In the cropping case, I'm only allowed to crop an even number of lines off, which doesn't fix anything since the result still has an odd number of lines.  Adding black bars didn't eliminate the green, but it moved it down to the bottom of the black bar.  The fix was to add black bars to the top and bottom bigger than they needed to be for 16:9.  This pushed the green line down below the 16:9 picture area.  Then I upscaled to 1280x8??, and last cropped back down to 1280x720.

Posting this because I couldn't find an answer of how to fix, in case anybody else runs into a problem with a green line. 

Jan Gruuthuse

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Re: [SOLVED] Green line along the bottom that won't crop away
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 08:55:21 AM »
additional info: While encoding you have these filters
- Add Borders: add black border left,right, top and bottom by adding pixel(s)  (increase length & width)
- Blacken Borders: remove noise edge by turning the edge black. (length & width stays the same)

I was not able to create a 960 by 409 video clip. Even desktop area capture 960 by 409 saved the video as 960 by 410. So I could not test. Most likely with adding these filters together:

1) Add Borders @ top with 1 pixel
2) Blacken Borders @ bottom 1/2/3 pixel(s), size of green line showing

Check with preview if the result is what you want
You could probably create/save now a 960 by 410 video clip and proceed from there.
You don't need to process the full clip for testing, just mark a 5 second with [ A] and [B ] (both on key frame)

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