Avidemux crashes while editing a very large remuxed MKV

Started by abc123, April 19, 2015, 05:21:35 pm

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It is impossible to load the said 787MB, 11:00 mins, 480p MOV video, as it causes the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error, during the loading, but only the remuxed one (Which not crashes instantly, but only when playing, saving and editing).
Is it possible to do the same steps with the remuxed one?

Jan Gruuthuse

Create a free account @ https://www.dropbox.com/ (2 GB), upload the problematic video there.
QuoteIs it possible to do the same steps with the remuxed one?

As described with audacity? Probably yes?
Your cam has only the save .mov option? Some do have .mp4 option too.


My camera can only save videos as .MOV.
I won't open a dropbox account only for this.

Jan Gruuthuse

Find away to upload somewhere and provide free accessible weblink to it. Without access to that kind of problematic video it is hard to support/research your issue.



Quote from: Jan Gruuthuse on April 24, 2015, 05:48:57 am
I just see audio issues.
See if this helps as work around, until a possible solution within avidemux is available.

With audacity http://web.audacityteam.org/ download @ http://web.audacityteam.org/download/windows . Download the program installer and the FFmpeg import/export library. Install both. When installed test these steps:
- Drag & drop your video (MVI_0042.MOV) on to audacity, wait until audio track is extracted.
- in audacity Menu: File -> Export Audio -> Select @ bottom right hand corner of Export Audio pop-up window: MP2 files and click [Save].
- The audio track should now be save with the same name as the video with the extension .mp2 (MVI_0042.mp2).
- close audacity.

With avidemux 2.6.8
- Load the video  (MVI_0042.MOV).
- In Menu: Audio-> Select Track.
- In pop-up window: Audio track Configuration.
-- Leave Track 1 [v] marked.
-- Change [Track 0 from video (PCM, Stereo, 1536 kbps)] to [.... Add Audio Track].
--- In pop-up Select audio file: Location, browse to the new audio file (MVI_0042.mp2), select it and press [OK]. Audio should be in the same location as your video.
--- Select in Output Format the wanted muxer (AVI, MP4v2, MKV, ...).
--- Save the new video. Leave Video en Audio Output in [Copy].
You should now have a workable/editable video.

ps: Developer(s) & users may have other solutions, views to this issue.

Tryed this with the remuxed MKV video (The MKV can be opened, but crashes when playing, saving and editing it, and the MOV crash when opening it, so it can't be used), and managed to save the MKV with the MP2 soundtrack as AVI, and play the AVI file.