Automatically set Output Muxer to match Input

Started by nebbish, June 13, 2015, 10:38:32 AM

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It has always puzzled me that AviDemux doesn't automatically set the Output Muxer to that of the input file.
Since it opened the file I assume it must therefore know what Muxer / Container it was dealing with.

I always forget to set it before a save, and if I'm working with anything but an AVI file I usually get all the way to my target folder and then realise, when none of the existing files are shown, and I cannot change the format at that point, that I have the wrong container selected, and have to cancel out and perform the entire process over again.

Since a stated objective of AviDemux is
Quotefor simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.
and presumably therefore in many cases users will simply want to save in the same format as the original file,  is there a good reason why AviDemux doesn't do this?

Jan Gruuthuse

I'm using tinypy to set avidemux for processing one kind of video, source video in my case. Like sat recordings.
in ~/.avidemux6/custom I have a collection of these. Example channels from astra 28.2Ã,°E:
#PY  <- Needed to identify #
#--automatically built--
# bbc HD exchange audio tracks from position
# source video: xp1000, TM6900HDsuper
# 2014 Juli

adm = Avidemux()
adm.audioCodec(0, "copy");
adm.audioSetDrc(0, 0)
adm.audioSetShift(0, 0,0)
adm.audioCodec(1, "copy");
adm.audioSetDrc(1, 0)
adm.audioSetShift(1, 0,0)
adm.setContainer("ffTS", "acceptNonCompliant=False", "vbr=True", "muxRateInMBits=10")

- sets Output Muxer to MPEG-TS
- switches position of channels to my likings, ac3 1st then stereo

some details you can find in: 2.6 audio track switching in