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Video sync or field issues

Started by Jan Gruuthuse, September 06, 2015, 08:02:52 AM

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Most probably linked to libav* update


Avidemuxed.mkv plays fine on my old PC - that kills any idea about it being broken with older codec/container versions.

If mean is right, then you are stuck with MKVToolnix for remixing these TS's.

Talking about libav, I see that  Michael Niedermayer resigned last month from the ffmpeg team.
I wonder how this will affect that project (and consequently avidemux).


If i cannot reproduce i.e. flag the file as good / bad, i cannot do much

Jan Gruuthuse

Frame rate mode: is it possible to set option: Variable or Constant?


If you re-encode and use the change fps maybe ?

Jan Gruuthuse

Re-encoding, only if this is really really needed, (takes to much time).
Still don't understand, while not re-encoding, just re-muxing, this difference (avidemux <> mkvtoolnix) does happen.