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Transitions problems with MKV files

Started by Voltaire, April 07, 2016, 04:46:58 PM

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Hello everybody  :)

First of all, I would like to specify that this is very very important for me, really, because it concerns an huge and very important project which has to go out soon, this i why I absolutely have to solve this problem as soon as possible.
I have to add that I am discovering Avidemux.

Then, here is my problem:

- I have to deal with files MKV, I have no choice.
- then when I want to stick 2 files MKV together, I go to " Copy for the video output", by paying special attention to cutting by using Keyframes, that gives me a not clean transition with an artefact
Here is the link of the extract:

> > > so, by taking care of  cutting according to Keyframes and by "Copy for the video output", here is the better result which I manage to obtain for the transition, which is really not clean...

So, by informing me, I read that if instead of passing by " Copy for the video output", I took  a format , MPEG4 x264 for example for my case, I read it would solve this problem of dirty transitions which others met.
And it's true, it worked, the transition is perfect now.
Here is the link

But now the problem is , that the video is no more same quality and there is interlacings with profusion. And it is there that I need your help because I am lost in all the possible options to Configure when we choose a format as the Video output  : (
So, the video which you see there, I only chose MPEG4 x264 for format Output and I touched nothing others.

So, I need:
- to obtain the best possible quality of my videos
- transition perfect  like on the 2nd video
- no interlacing etc....

It is really very very very important for me and urgent. This is why really I thank in advance all those who are willing to help me.

Here are 2 used files:

Thank ou very much guys


I DL'd on of the 2 "used files".
It has AVC in MKV and is presumably a sample of your recoded original.

My first question would be about your original media file viz,
What codec('s) and container is used in the original media file?

If the original does have AVC in MKV (as per sample), then with your needs its true that ADM has to recode.
As AVC is a lossy codec, then you will lose quality when doing another lossy recode.
Only way to avoid this, is to use a video editor that can do smart copy on AVC coded material (ADM cannot!).   

The sample I DL'd has a high bit rate (16 Mbs) and has interlaced video.
How and what you intend to use for playback equipment will help you further in setting up the recoding properly so as to suit your needs.

If you are seeing interlacing artefacts, I guess you are using a digital monitor/tv.
Either recode with a deinterlacing filter or try recoding as interlaced (don't know if ADM actually correctly recodes AVC interlaced to AVC interlaced!).

The old trick of recoding at the same bit rate as the original usually works well.
Beyond that its all about optimising AVC's recoding parameters and giving ADM the time for analysing the source (eg 2 pass recode!).


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By the way, if anyone follows the link to the sample media file on the bottom of the OP's post.
Be aware - the first time I got an executable of the same file name - very suspicious and my virus scanner killed it.
It also left a Trojan horse that I had to delete.

I won't be trying any other links to this file sharing site.