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Making one video out of bits

Started by rossdorn, June 29, 2016, 08:39:12 AM

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I have been using avidemux for a while and must admit, this software could not be much better, thank you.

I have one question though, cutting works great, can it also be used to add a few video clips together into one bigger one? If not are there any suggestions for a free software that can be used for this, and which is, in its simplicity, comparable to avidemux?



As long as the video clips are encoded the same way you can append them together and save the result.
On toolbar its File Append (or Ctrl+A).


Thank you, works fine...
maybe "append" is not the perfect word?

Still, thanks.


Basic definition of append is to add something at the end.
The nomenclature for video processing typically uses the word append to describe the action of adding a video segment to the end of the previous video segment.