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Time scrolling bar, bug introduces on nightly

Started by twinsun, September 05, 2016, 01:15:34 pm

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adm 040916 and before (15 days ~)
1 Save a job with a cutting.
2 Run the job.
The cuttings dont appear correctly.
Although A: and B: have the good cutting values when you clic on,
cursors and blue rectangle are not at the good place any more.


This seems to be partially fixed by [cli] update markerA & B after running script: the GUI reflects now the correct values for markers A and B if the script is loaded via Recent --> Recent Projects, but not if the same script file is loaded via File --> Project Script --> Run Project...

In any case the markers get saved and later loaded correctly and can be navigated with PgUp and PgDown.


Nothing better in avidemux_r060916_win64Qt5 (last try).

> Make cuttings + a crop (to have a blue rectangle in scrolling bar) in a video (TS ie), then save the job.

Run the job : no blue rectangle in the scrolling bar, first thing to notice.
Clic on A: or B: the saved cropping points are there (see time).
But its a mess in blue rectangle and cursors positions in the scrolling bar.

And even most of time : no cursor (!) in the scrolling bar.


Quote from: twinsun on September 09, 2016, 02:19:15 pm
Run the job

From where? The "Recent" --> "Recent Projects" path is fixed. The issue still exists via "File" --> "Project Script" --> "Run Project..." as stated above.


'Recent Projects' is not usable for me, it has too few files in the list.
I need to use Project Script / Run Project.

> See why :
Jobs list I create (Queue) has several tens of jobs when I run avidemux_jobs.exe.
Sometime (rarely) a job fail, so I need to retrieve the according project to see why.
If I can't run it I would have to redo a new edition missing the reason of the fail.

I 'Save As Project' each edit, before I 'Queue job to joblist' this edit.
So every job in Job List as its own ready to be reused just in case the job fail.

Anyway, for now I use adm030516, OK for that, and long since.


It turns out to be there is one scenario still not covered by the last commit: if there was a crash and Avidemux loads the crash file, the GUI doesn't show (correctly loaded) markers.


Should be covered by [UI] Check marker after loading crash file also (my favourite crasher has gone, but I really assume this is fixed), thanks!