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V2.6.14 hangs after error message while copying Mpeg2

Started by TCmullet, September 21, 2016, 01:23:03 PM

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I have always wanted to get into using Linux of some kind but Windows is so easy to use, to get actual tasks done, it has always been too tempting to take the easy route.
Now that Microsoft seems to have moved to funding software development by mass data collection, it may be a good time to send them a message by moving away from Windows.  If I want to have spyware and a keylogger in my operating system, I can install it myself, I don't want it built into the operating system, switching itself on, via updates, after the 'features' have been disabled. 

He's loud but he makes sense.


Jan Gruuthuse

as user: TRS-80 -> CP/M -> DOS -> Windows 3 -> XP -> Ubuntu 10.04