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Built from git, no start

Started by Blues, October 07, 2016, 10:44:34 PM

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$ avidemux3_qt4
avidemux3_qt4: symbol lookup error: avidemux3_qt4: undefined symbol: _Z15ADM_initBaseDiriPPc

^^ Any ideas why I'm getting this?


did you use the bootsrtrap script ?


Looks like a mismatch of different Avidemux versions where a wrong gets picked up. Maybe bootStrap.bash was used with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX changed to /usr/local while /usr/local was not in library search path with another Avidemux build installed in /usr?


Thanks for replies!

Yes I used the bootstrap script.

Yes I have another Avidemux in /usr, git version is in /usr/local. Removing the other one now.

Edit: Success!