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Hiii Avidemux Team 
just want to say this avi demux 2.6.15 version is BEEEEST ever version
no error no lag screen (preview/play window) even not those Too Short messages.. everything is in its BEST.

Jan Gruuthuse:
2.6.18 currently: https://www.fosshub.com/Avidemux.html ;)

hi jan,
yea i know abt this new version.. before this i even try that 2.6.16 & 17 they was really beta..prob in them..

but this 2.6.18 still have left some prob.. regarding the preview screen
 i mean when using delogo or cropping files its really not so good.That preview screen while using delogo is so small in size i hardly able to see where the selected delogo box is going and if i uncheck that autozoom.. then forgot it.. it will go beyond the screen,which is no use.

after 2.6.15 everything is been mess up regarding preview screen

it should be same like this.. below attachment

here even the selected box borders can been seen easily but this wont show properly in any version after 2.6.15 .. they so dim, especially when using 1080p size files

Jan Gruuthuse:
1080i No Preview:

select a frame where the lines are more visible (use slider on top to move in video)
approx. set around logo.
switch to preview, bottom left hand corner:

1080i Preview:

notice immediately: right side and top of logo is not blended: orange
adjust so logo is covered:

1080i Preview Corrected:

click on thumbnails to enlarge

The real bug with MPlayer delogo2 introduced by the reworked flyDialog is that with AutoZoom enabled, one can't set the position of the left top corner of the box with the mouse beyond a fraction of the video surface if the video has been zoomed.


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