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Trouble combing multiple videos

Started by aloot, January 18, 2017, 11:30:18 am

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I was using the MP4 Muxer output option to splice together multiple video clips made from Nvidia Shadowplay. Now it seems Avidemux  can't combine anymore.

I'm not sure if it matters, but I have 5 separate clips at the moment, that were each trimmed down with Avidemux earlier. The same settings were always used: "copy" for both video and audio with the MP4 Muxer output.

Now, no matter what I do, those clips will not combine into a single file.

Jan Gruuthuse

In the folder where you have these video files: delete the .idx2 files with the same names.
Load the 1st video, if avidemux asks to load remaining videos: answer no.
Append video 2: Avidemux Menu: File Append
Save the new video "New1": does this work?
- The previously edited 1st video does not end with a keyframe.
- Close files
- Load 1st video, go to the end of the 1st video.
- Once keyboard Up Arrow, Once Keyboard Down Arrow. Mark no only with [ B].
- Save video Test1
- close videos
- load video "Test1". Append video 2: Avidemux Menu: File Append
- Save the new video "New1": does this work?

the videos are all from the same source? (cam, recorder, ... ) Important: not from the internet downloaded


Thanks for the reply.

I tried what you suggested. It didn't work, sadly. What I have done is save the output as Mvk. Once that is done, I just load the Mvk into Avidemux and then resave it as Mp4 again. Seems to be an acceptable workaround.

EDIT: oh and no, the videos are not downloaded from the internet. I made them using Nvidia's Shadowplay.

Jan Gruuthuse

If the file sizes are not to big? You could upload 1st & 2nd video. We could have a look why it is not working as we think it should?
see:     Upload hochladen Télécharger


Jan Gruuthuse