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jobs queue / slave mechanism broken?

Started by p3trus, April 23, 2017, 01:33:13 PM

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Hi there,

I'm running ADM 2.6.19 64bits on Win 7 Pro 64bits;
When using the jobs queue (avidemux_jobs.exe), processing is awfully slow - more than 50hrs(!) for a job which is done in ~45min when running the job manually in the GUI or CLI versions.

It happens both with CLI and QT4 versions - the first one prints some processing lines every few minutes only, the latter stays in "program not responding" state most of the time - CPU usage is at 0% except for those short bursts every few minutes.

As mentioned above - without using the jobs queue (ie running exactly the same command line without the --slave <port> argument) processing works like a charm.

Anyone experiencing this, too, or even better - any ideas for fixing?
Thanks in advance!



No, all files (ADM / source / destination) are on local HDDs.


I tried it again today, using r170420_win64Qt5_402 this time - same bad experience.

The whole job (2-pass x264) took 30mins when running it manually from the command line
Using the job queue / slave parameter, it took 44mins for...
- 1% (displayed on the pogress bar)
- 3% (output from the slave process)
- 4.16% (size of .mbtree file compared to the complete one)
(I did abort then...)

A strange observation: While the slave process seems to post messages only with those 'activity bursts', the master process pretends to receive the messages at one second intervals according to the timestamps in the logs - I've attached admlog.txt and an excerpt from the slave process output.

And another observation - there are two instances of avidemux_jobs.exe running; I guess one is the main GUI / jobs table, the other one is the progress bar;
But both of them are listening on the port passed on with the slave parameter, while only one of them opens up an own port (for bidi communication with the slave process?) - I've attached a screenshot of the ports usage for completeness.

If I can add any additional info for investigating, please let me know!


..this one is still bugging me :(

just tried out the newest nightlies, both x64 & x32 versions - both show the same bug/problem [only for me?]




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Thanks alot!!  :D :D :D
Works like an intended charm now!

Now only one-and-a-half wish left - it would be nice if the encoding process could be hidden by a checkbox (permanently for subsequent tasks), and that the progress bar becomes a child window of the jobs window > only 1 task bar icon.
Oh... and some kind of minimizing or sending to tray of the whole thing (<> everything visible) would be great, too.

Hope you find those suggestions useful, too - otherwise I'd have to be ashamed for my endless little wishes  ;)