Author Topic: How to process the job queue on Mac?  (Read 4375 times)


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Re: How to process the job queue on Mac?
« Reply #15 on: May 23, 2017, 01:06:39 PM »
Thanks mean, it works indeed!

I've used the earlier build from the 21st of May (ending in 0c5b), the later two don't seem to open on my system. I get the usual "but it's from the internet" warning, select "Open Anyway" and then nothing happens. Just thought I'd let you know.

The build that opens works as expected: Jobs GUI opens, and the queue can be processed - however it only works if I select the Qt4 version. With that box unticked (Qt 5 I assume?) the queue fails with the following errors:

Code: [Select]
[spawnChild] 13:05:05-627  Spawning successfull
 [waitForConnect] 13:05:11-628  Select failed
 [runOneJob] 13:05:11-628  No connect
 [refreshList] 13:05:11-631  Found 1 jobs
 [runOneJob] 13:05:11-632  Running job id = 6
 [~jobProgress] 13:05:11-632  Deleting progress..

Thank you so much for your efforts on this, mean!