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Frame rate and Quicktime
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:53:52 PM »
I use Avidemux to Edit TV programs.
In France (and Europe) the frame rate is 25 fps.

I record TV flow and obtain a .ts file.
This file can be played with VLC (both picture and sound) and Quicktime (only picture as the TV flow broadcasted is AC3)
With Avidemux, I edit this file, and save, copying video (the original is H264), coding sound in AAC, encapsulate in MP4.
I wan't to keep the most possible quality of the original.

The result is a MP4 file, it can be played with VLC (sound and picture) and Quicktime (sound and picture).
Problems :
- This MP4 file seems to have a different Frame rate than 25 fps, sometimes 29, or 30, or 29.238526
- This MP4 file is not played well with Quicktime : if I navigate in the timeline, Quicktime get the sound but looses the picture (I don't have this problem with the original .ts file).

I hope someone could find the bug and the answer.

For me Avidemux is a very good software with accurate editing fonctions.