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Chinese (simplified) translation

Started by Lee Shin Chun, October 15, 2017, 09:22:32 am

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Lee Shin Chun

I have finished the simplified of traditional Chinese (China),
submit to simplified Chinese (ts,qm) (China),For reference only, but still need Anvidemux company to be released.

Anvidemux _zh_CN(ta,qm)
Anvidemux _zh_CN picture


I've added them to the nightlies (the ones you sent yesterday)
Are there differences ?


Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan) vs. Simplified Chinese (Mainland China).


Thanks, commited
btw, There is an extra ">" at line 10373 in both simplified and traditionnal chinese translations


Lee Shin Chun

Yes, 10373 line has an extra ">" :P, but why does not affect my run?
Thank you for your modify. :)

Your work efficiency is high, has been uploaded. ;D

Lee Shin Chun