editing parts of audio in video

Started by manit123, November 05, 2017, 04:12:46 AM

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i am using avidemux 2.7.0-release on Ubuntu 16.04.3 64 bit OS .
it is so nice that i can cut parts of video with frame precision.
it would be so exciting if i could edit audio while playing video so that i can review sync in real time  instead of choosing an audio track from another file and if found unfit for the video then editing that audio  track (in something like audacity) and putting it in video again .
now i have an mp4 in which i want to make few parts as silent.
it would be even better if i am able to set a and b marker then select a audio file (a part of it or its repetition as required by time duration) to be inserted in that region .
actually i plan to put beeps in non silent part and i have a 1 second beep audio file .
is that possible ?


You can adjust A/V offset using the "Shift:" checkbox, though not during playback.

Avidemux is not an audio editor, you must use Audacity or an equivalent software to prepare the audio with all beeps at right moments.


You have to create the audio lane in an audio editor like audacity in full lenght and then join the video with the audio with avidemux. Editing Audio is not really the purpose of avidemux, although I miss a audio-nullifyer-filter for the Start and the End of a film.