Author Topic: Video (+ audio) crossfade filter, some day?..  (Read 791 times)


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Video (+ audio) crossfade filter, some day?..
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:26:50 AM »

and... "OK", my Sept. 6th, 2017 11:21:34 post, never got an answer... Right after, I found the "partial" option  :)

— but: about "fading in/out a titling image" *, no answer either, to that suggestion.

Now, assuming that Xmas is daydreaming time, why not imagine an EASY (please) video + audio crossfade filter added to Avidemux?..

I mean: NOT via "AviSynth" (too complex for beginners).

I know (yes, I have noticed) that Avidemux does not provide a timeline like "Sony Vegas" does; nevertheless, is an Xfade filter absolutely impossible? (BTW, "VirtualDub" sure could use such an option also.)

"OK", I guess I know what answer to expect, if any — but, honestly, wouldn't such a filter HELP?..

"What would or could it 'look' like?" Not for me to decide, of course; may be (example): "Dialog: cut at XXh:XXm:XXs:XXXms and Xfade by XXXs"...


[ *,17974.0.html

Plus "while we're at it", a fade to transparent (appear / disappear) option, i.e. providing the usual / basic but pro. titling effect.