cross compile avidemux-cli for Synology NAS

Started by lullaby, March 12, 2018, 11:59:55 PM

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I do a lot of trimming of TV recordings using copy mode in avidemux. Since it requires a bit too much waiting for the files to be copied from the NAS to my notebook and back I looked for options to do the job on the NAS itself. I imagine following scenario. This would save me from a lot of copying.

1. index .TS file on NAS
2. find cut positions using Avidemux GUI on notebook
3. execute processing jobs via avidemux-cli on NAS

It seems there is no pre-compiled package for my NAS available. So I looked a bit into cross-compiling Avidemux for Synology but could not get any further than scan trough the cross-compile readme. Since this seems to be targeted onwindows MINGW cross-compile it did not help me much.

Has anybody ever tried to compile avidemux-cli for Synology? In my particular case I need a build for Marvell Armada 375 platform (ARM).

I succeeded in builds of other (makefile-based) projects using the Synology cross-compile tool chain but have no clue how to approach Avidemux.

Any help appreciated!

Jan Gruuthuse

You do use 1 Gbit lan (1000 Mbit/s) and not a wifi connection, do you?
Wifi is much slower especially when your laptop has only a 20 Mhz channel connection. Newer Wifi connections  can have 40, 80 (802.11n) or 160 Mhz (802.11ac).
But still don't reach 1000 Mbit/s. Wifi router speeds are combined speed (up/down)

Prefered transfer for big video files:
Lan Cable:
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mbit/s (1 GB would transfer in approx 08 seconds)
Fast    Ethernet  100 Mbit/s (1 GB would transfer in approx 1 Minute 26 seconds)

802.11ac 200.0 Mbps (1 GB would transfer in approx 42 seconds)
802.11n  100.0 Mbps (1 GB would transfer in approx  1 minute 25 seconds)
802.11g  020.0 Mbps (1 GB would transfer in approx  7 minutes 9 seconds)
802.11a  020.0 Mbps (1 GB would transfer in approx  7 minutes 9 seconds)
802.11b  005.5 Mbps (1 GB would transfer in approx 26 minutes 1 second)


I do have Gigabit ethernet available. It is bridged to a 802.11ac wireless network which I use most of the time. This way I end up with a net wifi transfer rate of about 250 Mbps, sometimes even a little more. Thus shuffeling around my recordings takes from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

I know that I could cut my waiting time by a factor of three to four by plugging in an ethernet cable. But honestly, while lying on the bed it is much more comfortable to wait some 2 or 3 minutes than getting up and fiddle around with nasty cables.

Am I right that the absence of Avidemux on Synology can be explained by a close-to-impossibilty to get it to compile there?

I also thought of avidemux-cli being run inside a Docker container hosted on the NAS, but I suspect the poor thing is too feeble for this.


How much memory do you have on the Armada ?
If it is 256 Meg  it will be borderline