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file won't save

Started by daytonagary, March 12, 2018, 08:14:59 pm

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when I try to save says something about file might be short sometimes or sometimes says can't save.    opening a mp4 file, editing it and saving to mp4.  Using MPEG4 ASP (ff), mp3 lame sound and mp4 v2 muxer parameters.   seems to save fine if opening a avi file, editing and then saving mp4.  but opening mp4 and saving back to mp4 never works


Please reproduce your issue using the latest available nightly and provide the log (admlog.txt).

Why do you encode in MPEG4 ASP instead of more up-to-date and massively superior codecs like H.264? You might want to try the libavformat based Mp4 muxer as well. Please note that MP4 container imposes far more restrictions on codecs than e.g. MKV.