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MINNEAPOLIS--There is an exception to every rule, and the Dayton Hudson Corp. is an exception to this remarks on department stores held by a lot of the tiny electrics industry.
The much-maligned distribution channel often receives critical comments from insiders in a price-driven sector for downplaying small electrics. Not so for its 58-store, Midwest retail conglomerate.
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"Dayton Hudson is one of the very few bright spots in department stores for little electrics," said one manufacturer. "They have a clear plan that does not really de-emphasize the category."
"They are very quick to recognize and respond to trends," stated a European-based manufacturer. "They're a clear leader in vogue and they're very progressive in their thinking."

Comprised of Dayton's in Minneapolis, Hudson's in Detroit and Marshall Field's in Chicago, the Dayton Hudson Corp. expands a common philosopy for Smaller appliances to differentiate themselves from price-oriented competition.
T h e philosopy centers around supplying at least one opeining price point in each class when emphasizing feature-filled, better Merchandise goods, stated Carolyn Cherry, senior buyer, little electrics. At precisely the exact same time, Cherrey attempts to dominate whatever kind is deemed popular for its quarter.

"Our objective is to be a full-service tiny electrics department," Cherrey said. "We like to focus on the greater, brandname products that the customer trusts. We also try to be notable in whatever we believe the trends are for the year whether it's a category or a reasource."

Higher-end brand names (and larger profit margins) predominate the tiny electrics section at Dayton Hudson stores. The shelves are packed with goods from Krups, Braun, rowenta, Cuisinart and Panasonic.
"With the brand names we carry, you can go through each category and says who is best at what and that is the brand we'll highlight," Cherrey said. "For instance, if I am talking hand mixers KitchenAid would be our very best resource."
The small appliances are merchandised with a single sample on the shelf along with also an attached sign generated by the shops to describe advantages and characteristics of the products. The space devoted to small electrics varies from store to store.

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Pointing to the success of mass merchants in small electrics, Dayton stores also comprise at least one opening price point thing in every class. Called the"Value Program," the plan is intended to capture customers that might otherwise purchase small applicances at mass merchants such as Target, Kmart or even Wal-Mart.

Dayton Hudson differentiates itself by its resources and merchandise attributes. For instance, while the shops will not take the exact same Braun coffeemaker as Target, then they'll include an opening price point coffeemaker hitting on the 24.99 mark. "I definitely think we compete with mass merchants," Cherrey said. "We take one or two opening price point SKUs so that we do not overlook that customer. For the most part, we don't carry what the mass merchants do this that we do not compete with them on precisely the exact same item except for this one program."

Cherrey calls pricing"crucial" to little electrics, particularly considering that the advertising-driven nature of the business and customer awareness of costs of important products. She said she stores all competitions, mass retailers, department stores and specialty stores.
Rather than being concerned with prices of items promoted, Cherrey assesses the everyday prices of her competition.
"Anybody can do something on sale," Cherrey said.
Cherrey said she is proud of successes in certain resources and popular categories. This past year, Dayton Hudson stores highlighted juicers during the fourth quarter. To make sure customers instantly recognized the company's intentions, the stores surrounded the goods with fruit and banners.

Dayton Hudson stores carried beween eight and 10 juicers ragnging in cost from $50 to $290 during the group's hottest period. The Juiceman was the shops' largest seller.
This year, Dayton Hudson stores are emphasizing espresso makers. All 58 shops will carry Krups' full-line of espresso machines with the larger outlets also carrying various other brands.


"One of our real strengths is that when customers walk in, they could tell immediately that which we feel strongly about each season," Cherrey said. "We are proud of being very dominant in crucial classifications."
Dayton Hudson stores also differntiate themselves through product demonstrations. Full-time demonstrators at every shop display products approximately every other day. Cherrey said the demonstrators spend a lot of time at the tiny electrics section where items like bread machines give themselves to demonstrations.

The presentations are done out of transportabloe carts that also have room for displays of the goods. Promotions and sales coordiante with products being exhibited.
Sales of Dayton Hudson's small electrics also receive a boost from strong bridal registries at the shops. Fundamental tiny appliances such as coffee machines, can openers and irons are the most popular through the bridal registry, based on Cherrey, as are the typical trendy categories of the moment similar to this season's bread manufacturers or espresso machines.
"The wedding industry has ever been a trememdous business for us," Cherrey said. "That's a excellent way to reach someone who might begin setting up a Braun or Krups kitchen.

"When they get three pieces, they'll probably return to purchase the piece that they did not get."
As stated by industry insiders, each these elements have allowed Dayton Hudson stores keep their picture as luxury department stores in the tiny electrics section while a lot of its competitors has failed.
"Dayton Hudson has claimed their integrity for a department store," stated a maker of upscale tiny applicances. "Their title's synoymous with a high-quality department shop.
"They also recognize competition from Kmart and Target and go after those customers."