Author Topic: Feat Request: Let AD autom.add target file extension when saving video or audio  (Read 745 times)


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As I found out when I e.g. save the audio track then AD just pre-fills the target base file name in the file open dialog WITHOUT the file extension.

Users always have to manually add it.

Why not just be user friendly and let AD do the job?

AD should auto-recognize the current audio codec (e.g. AAC) and add *.aac to the file name (if audio output = Copy) or
add *.mp3 (if the target codec is "MP3 (lame)").

This should be implemented at least for some of the most used codecs.

Thank you


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Implemented by [GUI] Add file name extension when saving audio, remove unused variables, please rebuild your Avidemux from the git master or try a nightly starting with the last r180807 on.