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Avidemux Cannot find a demuxer for filename.dv

Started by kenj69, November 09, 2018, 05:21:49 AM

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I recently used an ADS Pyro Link A/D converter to convert 17 Hi8 analog home video tapes into raw dv files. Kdenlive and Shotcut accept these NTSC standard DV files without complaint but Avidemux puts up an error message window saying, "Cannot find a demuxer for filename.dv" and then, "Could not open the file."
I would dearly love to deinterlace these files using Avidemux but it won't accept them until I convert to another format. Can someone please explain the problem?



As the error message states, Avidemux lacks a demuxer for this format. You could resort to command line ffmpeg to remux the file in copy mode to MKV:

ffmpeg -i infile.dv -c copy outfile.mkv

Avidemux should be able to load the resulting MKV. Obviously, you can use ffmpeg also to deinterlace the video:


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Thank you for the helpful reply (insert smiley here).

What attracts me to Avidemux is the ability to rapidly preview the filters (unlike ffmpeg). I had previously extracted a 50 second long clip from one of my DV files into a .mov container (mpeg4) and Avidemux accepted that just fine. There are so many deinterlace filters and, although yadif2x is highly recommended by some people, I found that 'linear interpolate' in Libavdec Deinterlacers' gave the best visual results to me. So many filters - but in many cases, so little results. I now wonder if the results will be different for an mkv container.



No, the results won't be different in any kind for mkv. Yadif and the VDPAU-based deinterlacer with recent NVIDIA graphics cards are hugely superior to any other method offered by Avidemux. Please note that no deinterlacer can rescue a video which was resized prior to being deinterlaced.

QuoteI had previously extracted a 50 second long clip from one of my DV files into a .mov container (mpeg4) and Avidemux accepted that just fine.

DV is not possible in mp4, you must have had re-encoded the video with a different codec.


Your post has been most helpful. After using ffmpeg with the -c copy function my mkv file does indeed show the dv codec. Thank you again.



I just want to comment and say, I just downloaded this software... assuming in 2021 the open source community may have developed a decent simple video editor... and this is so bad.

I'm just trying to make a little youtube video of a record store day drop track... and Audicity is wonderful in 2021... compared to 2006... but this software is worse closer to Audicity in 2006, ie, just unusuable garbabge created by weak programmers.

It's software like this, that makes Linus Torvalds talk crap about Linux... he does... his whole deal is Software should not take up your life... you should be able to easily install software and use it, and get on with your life... this trash wastes life.