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Deinterlace filter confusion

Started by kenj69, December 03, 2018, 09:24:33 PM

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Recently I was able to to properly deinterlace with Avidemux about 90 minutes of old Hi8 analog video using the "Libavdec Deinterlacers, Lavcodec deinterlacer family. I used the "Cubic interpolate" option, which was the only combination which would properly deinterlace this piece of video. I am speculating that my camcorder did a poor job in cold, damp weather because most of my over 30 hours of video deinterlaces properly using yadif or bwdif. Which brings me to my question:

Looking at this web page which is the only documentation Avidemux supplies, there are two baffling (at least to me) references. The first is the document title:

Video filter libavcodec deinterlacer Is it "Libavdec" or is it "Libavcodec"???

As we know, terminology is important and I can't find the link or proper name of the two.

Second: at the bottom of that Avidemux documentation page it says, "The best is to refer to MPlayer/FFmpeg documentation for more details." I have looked through and through both FFmpeg and MPlayer documentation and I can't find ANY reference to these particular deinterlacers!

Since the naming convention is rather loose - - maybe I am just missing the connection.
Give me a clue, please.




These video filters use the libpostproc component of the bundled FFmpeg, so strictly speaking it is neither :-)

You can find FFmpeg documentation to postprocessing options at


Thank you for the kind reply.

So, it's listed in the FFmpeg documentation under "pp" - what? That was hidden real good!

Thank you for uncovering a mystery.