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Adding jobs to list with VBA
« on: December 17, 2018, 09:54:24 AM »
Hello everyone!

What I like to do is adding py-project-files from "outside" ADM to the joblist. Normally, one would do this with Add-to-joblist or Ctrl-U "inside" ADM.
My workflow is (or would like to have):

1. Cut the video(s) in ADM and save it as a project. This is a py-file with markers from the cutlist.
2. Add to this py-project-file some filters etc. (This is video-specific) OUTSIDE ADM (I add those code to the py-file myself.
3. Load this (ready-)py-file into the joblist.
4. Run the joblist and done.

One would have to pass a projectname and the complete (output-)filename. But I need this in VBA, because I´m not so familiar  with Python or js-scripting and running this from inside Excel or Access. Or is there some batch-function I don´t know of????

Thanks in advance and kind regards and already a happy Christmas,

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