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Viewing clip at enlarged size

Started by BG Davis, March 28, 2019, 07:05:54 pm

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BG Davis

If I enlarge the view of the clip in the viewing window (i.e., larger than the default setting in which the entire frame is visible, is there a way to drag it so that I can see the effect on various parts of the frame?  It seems to be fixed at one area of the frame.
Thanks for any information.


You can't drag the video frame within Avidemux window, but on some operating systems you can drag the whole Avidemux windows beyond screen boundaries, e.g. on Linux with gnome-shell, you hold the Meta ("Windows") key down, click and hold anywhere within the application window and drag it wherever you like.  In other environments on Linux, it is the Alt key.

Windows allows to move a window temporarily beyond the upper boundary of the display using arrow keys from within the window menu (Alt+Space / Move), you can't fully interact with such a window, however.

In most cases, it is just enough to maximize the Avidemux window.

BG Davis