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NVENC aspect ratio support

Started by CryGuy, August 20, 2019, 06:37:10 pm

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just installed the new version 2.7.4 (Win64). First, thanks for all your work!!
I still can't use the Nvenc H.264 encoder because I can't enter the AR. I know the encoder supports this argument. Do you plan to add it to the UI like it's there in the x264 settings? I don't want to use the resize filter as it increases the size unnecessarily.



Set display aspect ratio at the container level (available for mp4 and matroska). No work is planned on nvenc based encoders at the moment, feel free to submit a patch for review.

Please be aware that pixel aspect ratio in the codec configuration is honored by very few video players. All support DAR specified in the container.


I see, though I'm surprised. My experience was that I got more problems if the stream AR has no been set correctly. As long as encoding is up to me, I will refrain from creating videos for my archive with a wrong stream AR set.

Anyway, question answered. Thanks. :)