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2 pass H264 Oversizing issue?

Started by xtro, September 08, 2019, 09:51:31 AM

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I was using 2.7.4 build and set a size for a 2 pass H264 encoding. I set it to 700mb with a copy only pass thru for the audio thinking this would be a final size including the audio. The size came out 70 mb over.  Is this a bug or is the audio size never included in the size(mb) option.  A few others have reported this issue over at Videohelp, if it is an issue? Thanks for your hard work and development of AviDemux.


This is not a bug, the target size specified in the settings of the x264 encoder means the target size of the output video stream only. The video encoder knows nothing about number of audio tracks, audio encoder, audio bitrate and so on. This is so by design.