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Window App Size & Position

Started by GI30065, October 06, 2019, 02:16:02 pm

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October 06, 2019, 02:16:02 pm Last Edit: October 06, 2019, 02:18:37 pm by GI30065
Hi All,

Normally on OSX all applications window settings will be stored automatically, but not for Avidemux.
I really love this program, so I hope somebody can help me out.

Is there any way that the Avidemux program will remember windows size and position after closing an reopening?
Maybe a plist file, or teminal command, or third party application which does this automatically?

Many Thanks  :) for all your help.


As there is apparently no use in Avidemux application window real estate exceeding the minimal required size, Avidemux automatically shrinks its window as much as possible on every launch.


Hi eumagga0x2a,

First of all many THANKS for your reply.

I now this, but still I would like to do this for two different reasons.
So my question remains how can I achieve this?
If I would find a solution to only size (without position) I already would be very happy.



You could start with looking into the function initGUI(const vector<IScriptEngine*>& scriptEngines) in avidemux/qt4/ADM_userInterfaces/ADM_gui/Q_gui2.cpp, specifically into removing the call to admPreview::setMainDimension(0,0,ZOOM_1_1), but I doubt that you would like the results. Please be aware that Avidemux also doesn't have functionality to save Qt session, so you might need to implement all that yourself.


BIG THANKS eumagga0x2a,

Looks not easy, BUT I will give it a try!
Anyone with a easier suggestion,...always welcome.

Very Best Regards.