How to install a plugin e.g. on Ubuntu?

Started by Papou, December 27, 2019, 12:45:46 AM

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I tried to install the plugin from Infognition on Ubuntu 18.04.
I tried to do as their readme.txt says:
Find your VirtualDub folder (usually in /Program Files/ or /Program Files (x86/).
For 64-bit version, copy superres64.vdf to "plugins64" subfolder.
I have of course no /Program Files/ (nor /Program Files/)
I tried to do that in a ~/.avidemux6/plugins64 subfolder
But no superres plugin showed up (and Infognition doesn't say what it looks like)
I read topic Newbie question: how do I install plugins?,18157.msg82985.html#msg82985
But it speaks of everything except how to install plugins
I spent one more hour more searching.
So I decided I'd better open this topic.


Oops. I notice my mistake: it's for VirtualDub !
Any super resolution plugin for Avidemux?


Please don't revive very old topics, thanks.

If you have a binary (a .so on Linux, a .dylib on macOS, a .dll on Windows) of the plugin, compiled exactly with the compiler and compiler settings used to build Avidemux core and app, then installing the plugin amounts to dropping it alongside with other Avidemux plugins into the videoFilters directory.

On Linux, you can compile out-of-tree plugins similar to
Obviously, you need the source of the plugin, compatible with the current Avidemux APIs.

Quote from: Papou on December 27, 2019, 03:28:48 AM
Any super resolution plugin for Avidemux?

If there is an AviSynth version, it might be possible to use it via AviSynth and avisynth proxy in Avidemux (never looked into it). Else: no, unless someone writes it.