Author Topic: assembler-related build failure of avidemux_2.7.4.tar.gz on Linux Mint 19.2  (Read 102 times)


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I'm getting errors that look related to trying to find out if my nasm or yasm is correct.

The most recent variation looks like:
Checking whether the ASM_NASM compiler is GNU using "--version" did not match "(GNU assembler)|(GCC)|(Free Software Foundation)":
yasm 1.3.0
Compiled on Apr  3 2018.
Copyright (c) 2001-2014 Peter Johnson and other Yasm developers.
Run yasm --license for licensing overview and summary.
Checking whether the ASM_NASM compiler is HP using "-V" did not match "HP C":
yasm: warning: unrecognized option `-V'
yasm: No input files specified
...and so on.

Do I need a specific assembler to get the Qt interface to build correctly?

Or alternatively, is there a C-language alternative to the assembly language code that would work more smoothly, albeit a little slower?

Thanks for the cool tool!


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yasm 1.3.0 is fine. Assembler is used within the common part of Avidemux UI in audio filters, else in a number of functions provided by the Avidemux core libraries and in the Yadif and libass video filters.

Please post the actual build error, not the verbose output from cmake trying out all known yasm and nasm varieties for all supported platforms. Apart from that, I would strongly recommend using the current git, not the 2.7.4 release which has grown long in the tooth.