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Encoder error

Started by roytg94, August 25, 2020, 10:02:34 PM

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Got a encoder error on my first attempt. Here is the information from my original FLV video that I want to break in two so that the file sizes are both under 4GB (for putting on a Flash Drive):

Codec 4CC:      H264
Image Size:      1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio:      1:1 (1:1)
Frame Rate:      30.000 fps
Total Duration:      02:12:35.967

Extra Video Properties
ExtraDataSize:      42
Extra data:      01 64 00 28 FF E1 00 1B 27 64

Audio (1 active track)
Codec:         AAC
Channels:      Stereo
Bitrate:      8000 Bps / 64 kbps
Frequency:      44100 Hz
Total Duration:      02:12:35.897

Any suggestions?


As you provide neither the error you mention nor the name of the selected muxer, I can only iterate the steps how it is supposed to work in a current Avidemux build (anything older than 2.7.6 is unsupported, using the latest nightly rather than release is always preferred).
  • Load the source video in Avidemux
  • Ensure that "Copy" is selected both for video and audio
  • Choose "MP4" as output format ( = muxer)
  • Identify using the navigation slider, up/down arrow keys or mouse wheel a keyframe suitable for the start of the second half (I assume the total size is below 8 GiB, else you would need either to re-encode with stronger compression or split the video in three parts)
  • Set the A marker (with alternative keyboard shortcuts enabled, press "I")
  • Save the second half
  • Press "Delete"
  • Save the first half



Great Solution! Works great! Many thanks!