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NVENC HEVC configuration tips

Started by Siana West, September 29, 2020, 08:31:53 AM

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Siana West

Quote from: undefinedRate Control
RC Mode:
Quality: [0..51]
Битрейт (Кб/с):
Максимальный битрейт (Кб/с):
Please add a hint about the quality limits and whether "51" is really the best quality, and "0" is the worst, not "automatic" (as sometimes happens).


Lower = Higher quality.
0 = best
51 = worst

Using "Constant Quality", 23 is a good choice for most situations. If the source video has low quality, you can give 20 a try, if it's really bad 18. Lower than 18 doesn't make much sense, if it isn't enough, your source video is just too crappy ;)